How will develop the underground space of cities after the pandemic? Commentary by Sergey Alpatov


Sergey Alpatov, executive director of the North-West Tunnel Association, general director of SRO A "Podzemdorstroy", SRO A "OPS-Project" commented on the situation in the field of metro and underground construction.

How will develop the underground space of cities after the pandemic? Commentary by Sergey Alpatov
The spread of coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in Russia has seriously upset the balance of the leading industries that determine the dynamics of the national economy. The construction complex of Russia today is faced with objective difficulties, in such a difficult period previously unresolved problems related to outdated building codes and regulations (SNiP), pricing issues in the construction sector, and the procedure for passing the examination of project documentation were exposed.

Despite the difficult situation in which enterprises in the field of metro construction and underground construction find themselves today, it is necessary to continue work and conduct a constructive dialogue between representatives of relevant government agencies and the professional community, jointly solving the existing problems.
The integrated development of underground space is a global trend that contributes to the effective solution of the problems of modern cities. One of the key components necessary for the integrated development of the underground space of cities is a well-developed metro network. The metro is a kind of ridge around which and together with which the explosive development of urban areas and all processes taking place in them is carried out.

In turn, the North-West Tunnel Association analyzed the current situation in the field of complex development of the underground space of St. Petersburg. The Association specialists prepared a realistic step-by-step program for solving the problem, based on the experience of other cities in the world and sent to the Governor of St. Petersburg A.D. Beglov.
The implementation of the proposed program will make it possible to multiply the intensity of the metro development, fundamentally increasing the level of living comfort and investment attractiveness of St. Petersburg. We hope that our recommendations will be taken into account when developing a plan for the restoration of the industry and the long-term development of the city, which in the future will lead to an early economic recovery of St. Petersburg. "
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