Information support

Committee on State Control, Use and Protection of Cultural Monuments
Committee for the Improvement of St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg Union of Architects
Non-profit Partnership "Engineers for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, heat supply and construction thermophysics"
Association of Engineers for Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Heating, heat, water, gas supply, Construction Thermophysics and Energy Conservation
Association of Ceramic Materials Manufacturers
Association of Manufacturers of Panels and Thermal Insulation Boards
National Association of Manufacturers of Building Materials and the Construction Industry
Aluminum Association
International Foundation Builders Association
Russian Guild of Managers and Developers
National Association of Organizations in the field of information Modeling Technologies
National Association of Surveyors and Designers
National Association of Consulting Engineers in Construction
Association of Landscape Architects of Russia
Association for the Development of Urban Parks and Public Spaces
Center for Innovation of Building Materials and Technologies
Union "Leningrad Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry"
A network of portals about engineering, electronics, automation, construction and real estate
Association of architectural workshops
Agency for the Management and Use of Historical and Cultural Monuments
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